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The new standard in combination measuring instruments for gas utilities

All functions are clearly shown on the display

The high performing new HSXX range of instruments continues to build on Sewerin's many years of experience designing and building advanced gas detection instruments

The new HSXX range of gas measuring and warning devices can be used for all gas detection applications including:

  • Personal gas warning for toxic, asphyxiant and explosive gases
  • Gas Network leakage surveys
  • Purging gas pipelines
  • Measuring gas in bar holes
  • detecting flammable gas leaks in houses

Designed to be both simple and easy to use, whilst not compromising on performance, all functions are clearly shown by logical pictorial representations of the measuring application.
One 'jog dial' and 3 buttons control all the many possible measuring modes of this versatile gas measuring, monitoring and warning instrument.

Measurement modes and gases measured

Application Measuring range Sensors
Inspection above ground for gas leaks 1 ppm - 10 vol.% CH4 semi conductor & infrared sensor
Measuring in bar holes for gas leaks 0.0 - 100 vol.% CH4
0 - 30 vol.% CO2
Infrared sensor
Infrared sensor
Inspection of enclosed spaces for flammable gases 1 ppm - 100 vol.% CH4 semi conductor & infrared sensor
Inspection indoors for flammable gases 1 ppm - 100 vol.% CH4 semi conductor & infrared sensor
Monitoring and alarming personal safety Ex/Tox 0 - 100 % LEL CH4
0 - 5 vol.% CO2
0 - 25 vol.% O2 (optional)
0 - 100 ppm H2S (optional)
0 - 500 ppm CO (optional)
Infrared sensor
Infrared sensor


Measuring purity of gas (gas purging) 0.0 - 100 vol.% CH4 Infrared sensor
Ethane analysis CH, CH4, C2H6, C3H8
Gas chromatograph
Pinpointing leaks
ethane detection

More Precise Gas Leak Pinpointing

If a gas leak has dispersed over a wide area, it is often difficult to precisely pinpoint the leak source.
Often the gas gathers under the surface and spreads over long distances.
The oxygen content decreases nearer the source of a leak and the methane gas level increases.
By utilising the optional oxygen sensor the user can measure and display the oxygen minimum at the same time as the methane maximum. This minimum oxygen level, with its smaller diffusion area, makes it easier to locate complex leaks more precisely.

Is it Natural Gas or Marsh Gas?

No more wasted excavations. The HS680 can differentiate between marsh, natural, and propane gas. The HS680 is unique in having the option of an on board ethane gas chromatograph which allows the instrument to differentiate between marsh, propane and methane gas.
Marsh gas does not contain ethane but natural gas does.

EX-TEC HS 6XX Features

  • Innovative operating concept with jog dial, "soft keys" and menu guidancewith pictorial representation
  • Large matrix display with bright back light for use in low ight and a bright screen for use in brillieant sunlight
  • Selective infrared sensors for methane and carbon dioxide offering long life and no cross sensitivity to other gases
  • Measures methane (standard), propane and butane (optional). User selectable by jog dial
  • Fast and highly sensitive semi-conductor sensor for ppm analysis
  • Three optional electrochemical sensors for oxygen and toxic gases
  • Ethane analysis to determine natural gas/marsh/propane gas (optional)
  • Fast charge in 4 h, regular charging 10 h, no need for a charging station
  • Powered by 4 disposable alkaline or re-chargable NimH batteries
  • EX-protection: ATEX 100a IIB, IIC
  • Data logging and record capture via USB
  • Carried by shoulder,or chest strap (for long surveys this is very comfortable) or by integral handle which is also a display stand
case and accessories

EX-TEC HS 6XX Technical Data

Operating time: min. 8 h
Power supply 4 NiMH accumulators, rechargeable or Alkaline batteries
Protection class IP 54
Operating temperature  -10 °C – +40 °C non condensing
Storage temperature -25 °C – +50 °C
Pressure 950 hPa – 1100 hPa
Humidity 15% r.h – 90% r.h
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 148 x 57 x 205 mm
Weight 1 kg

EX-TEC HS 6XX components

1. EX-TEC® HS 680
2. Docking station TG 8
3. AC/DC adapter
4. Probe hose
5. Flexible hand probe
6. Localisation probe
7. Bell probe