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Pipe Tracing Glassfibre Reels, Sondes, Signal Clamps

Range of accessories for pipe and cable location

Glassfibre Pipe Tracing Reel 60m 4.5mm

Pipe Tracing Reels

Non metallic pipes, (HDPE, MDPE, PVC, FRP) cannot conduct the electromagnetic signals produced by the signal generator. For this reason a signal generator cannot be directly used to trace non metallic pipes. To overcome this problem a range of tracing reels with a copper core are available. These Tracing reels contain a conductive copper core to which an electromagnetic signal generator can be attached. The electromagnetic signal is conducted by the copper core and is detected on the surface by the pipe and cable locator


Sonde Tracing
Sonde SZ11-10400

Pipe Tracing Sondes (or Mouse)

Pipe tracing sondes (sometimes called a mouse) are self contained electromagnetic frequency transmitters which are attached to the end of duct or drain rods or a cable tracing reel.

  • The rods, or glass fibre reel, is inserted into the pipe with the sonde attached to the end.
  • The sonde transmits a frequency field which is detected on the surface by the Sewerin sonde and pipe locator. This can assist you to identify the end of the rod for example to locate blockages in pipes.
  • A range of different frequencies and sizes are available.
AZ 135 Inductive Cable Clamp
Inductive Clamp In Use

Signal or Induction Clamps

It is always best to attach the output signal from an electromagnetic signal generator (Genny) directly to the pipe or object you are trying to trace.  Sometimes this is not safe or possible. Alternatively the signal or induction clamp can be used. It is plugged into the signal generator and is clamped around the pipe or cable to be traced. The electromagnetic signal is induced onto the conductive object and it may then be traced with the electromagnetic detecting pipe locator.