Superior Lost Spindle Valve and Cover Locator - Metal Detector

M130 Metal Detector - Superior by Design

Cheap metal detectors have a wide search field which radiates outward causing many spurious false positive hits from fences, cars, buried drinks cans and cigarette wrappers; they are also affected by overhead transmission lines and changes in humidity.

Cheap metal detectors have a tendency to bend or break when manhandled by robust users or in the back of utility vehicles!

For the professional user these false indications and other limitations are time consuming, frustrating and expensive when they cause excavations to be opened in the wrong place.

The Sewerin M130 utilises discriminatory downward penetrating electrical circuitry to eliminate these unwanted indications and high impact ABS for added structural integrity.




Features of the M130 Metal Detector

  • Moulded from high impact ABS plastic makes the M 130 lightweight, balanced & robust (it flexes when accidentally stood on!)
  • Ignores any ghost signals from cigarette packets,drinks cans and other metallic waste materials - often picked up by other detectors
  • Does not require constant re-zeroing
  • Single control knob for easy one handed use
  • Powered by 1 PP3 (9V block) battery
  • Detects up to 1m deep
  • Ideal for valve boxes & hydrants
  • Clear audio signal with headphone socket for noisy environments
  • Padded carrying case available for added protection in vehicles

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