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Ferrotec FT10

Superior Lost Spindle, Valve and Manhole Cover Locator

FT10 Principle of operation

Principle of Operation of the FerroTec FT10 Lost Manhole and Valve Locator

  • Buried iron objects disturb the earth’s magnetic fields which surround them. The magnetic field at the end of the FT10’s sensor rod, sensor A, is not the same as at sensor B; it is the difference in these levels that is measured and allows the FerroTec FT10 to locate objects that are buried far deeper than a conventional metal detector can.
  • The FerroTec FT10 offers outstanding performance with detection of manhole covers, valves etc. typically down to ≥3m (the larger the mass the deeper it may be detected)
  • Detection of cast iron pipes is even possible particularly if they run north south.


There are two ways of viewing the FT10’s signal:

Centre Target Display

Target Display

  • A circle increases in size as you get closer to the target object. Simultaneously a numerical value is displayed either as a positive or a negative value dependent on the object's orientation to the earth’s magnetic field. This information is useful as it can indicate the orientation/shape of the cover or spindle or other object in the ground.
  • 50 Hz alternating current (power cables) are indicated with signal strength. This can alert you to the presence of live electric cables.*
Bar graph display

Bar Graph Display

  • A Bar graph increases or decreases from the centre zero point depending on the orientation of the object to the earth’s magnetic field.
  • A numerical value is displayed - the higher the value (left or right) the closer you are to the object,
  • In the Bar Graph Display mode 50 Hz alternating field (power cables) is indicated . This can alert you to the presence of live electric cables.*
FT10 Display

FerroTec FT10 Lost Manhole and Valve Locator - Features

  • In built speaker with varying tone indicates peak reading
  • Two object location display options
  • In built LED on display for use at night
  • Re-zero button - Resets to ignore current levels for example when working near a fence can be set to ignore the fence.
  • One handed operation
  • Capacitive operating membrane
  • Six sensitivity levels with a Boost function making it one of the most sensitive locators available (3 nanotesla)
  • Powered by internal rechargeable battery (10 hrs)
  • Sensor rod temporarily submersible (IP 67)

* Note: Only cables carrying current can be indicated. When making excavations the FT10 is not intended as a substitute for cable detection tools. Proceed with extreme caution in the vicinity of electrical cables. When making excavations a safe system of work should be followed such as  that described in the UK’s Health and Safety Executive’s guidance: HSG47 - Avoiding Danger from underground Services