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Thermal Imaging Camera

Locating Water Leaks and Tracing Pipes



Thermal imaging cameras are rapidly proving to be a very useful additional instrument in the water leak detectors’ tool box.

Thermal imaging cameras, when combined with Acoustic Ground Mics and Tracer Gas Leak Detection offer a quick, non intrusive method to locate water leaks and trace the route of hot water pipes. Thermal Imaging Cameras can also be used for HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical and Building Thermal Surveys

Special measurement mode for detecting areas with danger of mould. Using  the ambient temperature and air humidity, as well as the surface temperature, the humidity value of each measurement point is calculated and shown in the display as a real humidity image, relating to the calculated dew point.

Intuitive to use - All functions fall easily to hand and are simple and easy to use.

Software is included (free of charge) to produce reports using both the thermal image picture which can be overlaid with the digital picture if so desired. An SD card is included as standard

Thermal Imaging Came 160x120 pixels with 3.5
Bothe Thermal and Digital Images can be combined
Hot and Cold Spots automatically marked

Thermal Imaging Cameras Features

Detector size 160 x 120 pixels (19,200 pixels) 3.5” display. Offers optimum image quality and resolution, on the Large Display. Optional Super Resolution feature available to produce Higher Quality/Resolution images 320 x 240 pixels.


Thermal sensitivity of up to < 0.05°C (50 mK)
Thanks to an excellent temperature resolution of up to


Built-in digital camera with power LEDs. As well as the thermal image, a  “real image” of the measurement area can be taken and stored for later use or to prepare reports with the free software



Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition Both the Hottest and the Coldest measured Spot temperatures are automatically displayed.

Thermal Imaging Cameras Features & Options


Feature  Model 875-1  Model 875-1i  Model 875-2i
Detector resolution  160x120   160x120   160x120
Super Resolution (320x240) O  O O
Image Refresh Rate  9 Hz  33 Hz  33 Hz
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)  <80mK  <50mK  <50mK
Measuring Range  -20...+350°C  -20...+350°C  -20...+350°C
Pointing Laser  ---  ✔  ✔
Digital Camera  ---  ✔  ✔
LEDs (Light)  ---  ---  ✔
Voice Recording (Headset)  ---  ---  ✔
Isotherms Display in Camera  ---  ---  ✔
Min/Max Display  ---  ---  ✔
High Temp.  ---  ---  0 (to 550°C)
Humidity Measurement with Wireless Sensor  ---  ---  O

 --- = Not Available     O= Optional extra